About Us

Our Mandate

The Commission’s Employment Equity Division conducts compliance audits to determine if employers are meeting their obligations under the Employment Equity Act.

As much as possible, the Commission works collaboratively with employers. We believe this is often the best way to achieve the ultimate goal of employment equity: to promote fairness, realize the benefits of diversity and promote better representation.

Our Work

The Canadian Human Rights Commission conducts audits to determine if employers are meeting their legal obligations to offer equal employment opportunities to four designated groups: women, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities, and members of racialized groups1 .

Since 1997, the Commission has conducted hundreds of audits in the federally-regulated private and public sectors. Most employers have been audited at least twice, and sometimes more depending upon whether they are meeting the goal of adequate representation.

The Commission’s approach to its audit activities reflects the knowledge gained and lessons learned over more than 20 years.

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