Canadian Human Rights Commission: Employment Equity

Group of business people talking and walking down an office corridor, one person in a wheelchair

News Release

CHRC to audit the representation of racialized people in the federal public service 

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Horizontal audit on Indigenous employment in the banking and financial sector 

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News Release

Significant employment barriers remain for Indigenous people in banking and financial sector 

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An Inuit mother carries her daugher on her back in her amouti which is a traditional coat. Nunavut. Canada

The Employment Equity Act requires federally-regulated employers to take steps to eliminate barriers to equity in the workplace for disadvantaged groups. 

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Key Dates

Diverse group of business people gathered around latop dicussing work

The Commission releases its first Horizontal audit report

Female technician using digital tablet while working the production line of a factory

The Commission adds its Horizontal audit approach to its toolbox

Blind woman with cane walking down ramp in office building with friends. Accessibility

The Commission begins conducting audits

Parliament of Canada Peace Tower with Canadian flags

The Employment Equity Act receives Royal Assent

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